Why Choose Beupy?

We have experience in finishing any type of technology related project whether it concerns website, mobile app, SEO, marketing, database, server maintenance or even games.
We have experience in establishing bussiness from scratch.

We have experts in various technological fields, so after gathering your requirements we will use our assets to find best solution for you.
We use the latest and most scalable technologies for each of our products. So that you don't have any problem with upgrade.
We guarantee that working with us will be your best decision and you will always have outstanding results.

Recent Projects

We have done projects in most major technological fields .From websites to games, applications to database, the list is ever increasing.Some of our major products are listed below

BOOM Search Image

BoomSearch Made in India

Search Engine which provides result based on your location.

Pub App Image

Pub App Never Off Party

This application was developed keeping the latest trends in mind.Its now ready for production.We can customise it based on your requirement.

Shareable Editor

Shareable Editor with Video and Chat

Code together with your friends correct coding error on real time enhance your interaction with video call and chat support with one tap facebook login.

Try Shareable Text Editor

Beupy API Image

BeupyAPI Tools

Fast, Instant and free api calls for your website and apps giving feature like newsletter, messaging and ip support. Try BeupyAPI clicking below link.



We will carter to your needs in many ways. Have look at some of service we provided.

Company Formation

We have ample experience in formation of companies.Thus we take care of every minor detail which you might overlook helping you to achieve top results.
We can help in expansion and process optimization of a exciting business.

Database Management

Having problems with your datbase?
We have experience in fixing clunky and scattered database to improve your experience.
We can also provied a RESTful and GraphQL API so you can control your data better.


We will develop app for any medium, from mobile to web, watch to television. We will do it for you, you just have to do one thing. CONTACT US

Game Development

Have an idea about a game? Don't wait!
Game projects are more successful and we can create and manage your whole enviroment.Our experts will guide you with every important detail from development to monetization.


Getting DDOSed ?
Not a problem. Our security team can handle every aspect of your security.


Without SEO, no one can look for your product. You won't be told about significance of SEO by anyone.But here at Beupy most of our solution are SEO friendly. So you can trust us with that.

Sheri Makowski Marketing Manager

Having a background of forensics and security and with experience of managing different kind of startups.Also manages SEO and digital marketing.

  • +1 239-645-8465
  • sheri@beupy.com

Vijay Kumar Project Head

Algorithmist, Game Developer and Head of front end development. Has vast experience of developing games and lover of playing games, having degree of computer science

  • +91 7503583321
  • vkchang39@yahoo.com

Aditya Bhatt Project Head

Algorithmist and Head of testing and database development, profound love for maths and puzzles with experience in testing and machine learning, having degree of computer science

  • +91 9540948409
  • abhatt04@live.com

Kumar Saurabh Skipper

Manage project regarding web, blockchain, machine learning, app developemnt, lover of Javascript and Rust , B-tech computer science

  • +91 9690688954
  • zeayycool@gmail.com
  • support@beupy.com